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Event design


When taking on a new challenge, we, at Stage Expert follow a series of guidelines, in order to better tailor the final work procedures according to each client's requirements and expectations. The first step of this process is to carefully listen to our client, in order to best understand the project purpose, scope and goals. We then get started at describing the project in the utmost detail, from an artistic concept, communication and technical point of view. Once we make sure nothing was omitted, we define a technical requirements checklist, an operations plan and a list of price estimates. When we get the green light from the beneficiary, the production process-proper starts, each chapter being taken over by its respective department and coordinated by an executive producer. The final production is then assembled by integrating the work results of each department into a complete solution: the Show.


Every successful project starts from a well-defined design. Afterwards - in brief - all project components are built, tested, transported, assembled, operated and then disassembled. The tight collaboration between our work teams and departments directly leads to designing, engineering and integrating practical technical solutions that directly correspond to our client's expectations and to the location constraints. Our 20+ years of experience allow us to ensure the best possible solutions in any given scenario, this being advantageous for the client also, since it can lead to time and money savings without compromising the design.


Our designers closely work with our technical teams in order to establish an overall visual concept that complies with your needs and requirements. In order for you to properly visualise our understanding of the project concept, and to easily give us your feedback, we provide you with complete 3D models which show the connections between the audience, stage, screens, cameras and all other equipment.