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Video production & VPRRead more

Projectors for boardrooms, screens, plasmas, and edge blending and video mapping. These are visual components that transform the experience and change perception for your guests. We provide solutions that integrate best in spatial planning where the event takes place. Our technicians work closely with our design team, allowing them to provide unique solutions for each event that are both aesthetic and technological flawless. As mentioned technique equipment: 2 rooms F900 accessories, film and video grip equipment for 570 system monitors SONY DSR VPR's SD and HD systems, full editing, graphics and animation, media servers.

LEDRead more

LED screens offer the highest level of creative flexibility while providing superior image quality in a variety of resolutions and transparency. Our LED screens can cover up to 500 square meters and are available in several resolutions 30mm, 20mm, 7.6mm and 6mm pp